Thứ Tư, 18 tháng 5, 2016

Vex 3

Vex 3 is the third version of the game series named Vex of Yepi games. Vex 3 is a very exciting action game that no game player can ignore.
Vex 3 is the second times upgraded version of the Vex game series. This game series is a little strange, because the games in this series are not like upgraded version of the others. The games in this series are more like the parts of each other. Vex, Vex 2 and Vex 3 have 11 levels for each, so they are a long game with more than 30 levels.
However, this third version has some significant differences form the two versions before. In the two first versions, there are two menus which you can see right after you click play. Then, you start with the first levels called ‘Tutorial’ and continue with 9 acts. In the third version, you will start the game immediately and find the blocked named from act 1 to act 9 and the vexation. In other words, the menu of this game is a level.
Similar to the two versions before, in each act, you have to find a green magical door and come in. That door brings you back to menu to go on with the next act. In this version, you have to find that door, too, but the door brings you back to the block named that level at the menu game and you will have to play the menu game to find the next level’s block.
The design, the rule and the options have no significant change. This is the reason why I said that the three games of this series are more similar to be the three parts of a game more that the three versions of a series.
Like the two version before, the third version’s difficulty is what attracts a lot of players. Moreover, the acts in this version are much longer and more difficult than the two first versions. In addition, the impediments vary so much. There are many strange kinds of impediments appearing to hinder you from approaching the green magical door. Therefore, completing the missions in this game becomes much harder than ever before.
In spite of its difficulty, there are many players have won the game. What about you? Are you confident that you will win this game?
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